Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Market Needs A Better Tracker - Introducing The Leads Leap Real Tracker

Why the market needs a better tracker? 

Most link trackers only track clicks. How do you tell if a visitor is simply clicking your link or really checking out your webpage? That's what The Real Tracker is capable of. With The Real Tracker, you are able to differentiate Clicks from Real Visits.

Get daily click details.  You can monitor the daily click and visit stats in an easy-to-understand chart.

How does The Real Tracker differentiate clicks from real visits? 

The Real Tracker monitors browser's visibility and user activities such as mouse movement, scrolling etc within a 5 second period and sends a signal back to our server every 5 seconds. If someone clicks your link and then works on something else, or simply open your link in the background and never really look at it, or if it is a click from web spider, robots or some kind of software, the tracker will register no activity from the click.

On the other hand, if it is a genuine visit, the system should register at least 5 seconds of surfing activity.  Using this methodology, we can effectively differentiate clicks from visits, by defining a Real Visit as a click with a minimum of 5 seconds of stay duration. The system even consolidates the stay duration for every click and presents it in another chart.

You can view the Surfing Duration for different sources. This allows you to find out which traffic source sends you traffic that really surf your site.
A better way to track the traffic source, on the fly!  
Most third party trackers tell you where the traffic comes from by tracking the referrer domain.

There are some problems with such tracking method:

1) You can't track links from email, apps or direct access.
2) You can't differentiate link source within the same domain.
3) Referral domain may be changed if the link opens in an iframe.
The thing is, most of the time, you already know where you post the link.

One alternative is to create a new tracking link for each traffic source. But that is tedious and inefficient. You will end up with tons of links. Comparing them statistically will be a nightmare.

The Real Tracker solves this problem by allowing you to add unlimited source trackers to the tracked link, so that you can set the traffic source at the point of pointing the link.

There is no need to go back to the set up page. You can basically add the source tracker on the fly! This allows you to easily find out which traffic source is sending you 'clickers' and which traffic source is sending you 'visitors'.

Empower you with cross-promotion capabilities.
Depending on where you promote the link, sometimes it is appropriate to promote another offer in the same link and stretch your promotion effort.
The Real Tracker allows you to do that, with a twist!
You can add an Ad Bar at the top or bottom of the page. You can even add a 20-second countdown to create a time-sensitive offer and boost the click-through rate.

Leads Leap provides this super versatile tracker to all members.